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Exciting adventures and adrenaline rushes reserve place in everlasting memories. Check out all our related packages.

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Backwater Tourism

Progression in isolation with peace.Check out all tours related to this

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Unwind walking along the shore as cheerful waves play with your feet. Check out all our related tours.

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Busy days, glowing nights,enticing shopping malls reflect modern culture, times and energy. Check out all our related tours.

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Away from the humdrum of city life, tucked in the lap of nature, very few places still remain which can take you back in time. Check out our tours related to this.

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Towering hills and mountains give an exhilarating view even as calm descends into you at those peaks of beauty. Check out all our related tours.

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The grandeur of history unravels in forts and palaces, in ruins and remains of those times. Check out our tours which take you back to historical periods!

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Stepping towards new long journey.Check out all tours related to this.

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Places of worship bring harmony and solace. Check out all our related tours.

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The gush and sight of a frothy fall can bring out the child in you. Check out all our related tours.

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Wellness Tourism

Worship creation and the creator.Check out all tours related to this.

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Spotting wild life in their natural habitat is an experience in itself. Check out all tours related to this.

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Weekend Getaways

Escape every weekend.Click on any below given location to know all the possible weekend getaways from that place. Oh Yeah! Package, price, provider too!

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Unable to decide on any place? Just click on any below given place and you get all the gyaan to help you decide on your next holiday destination! Tour options, related packages and much more!

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Our Intention: Want to travel by road? But not sure on place /price / service provider? Welcome to biroad! We present you packages and providers, prices and places to help you in your decision making. You save your time and resources which can instead be spent on having a great vacation!

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