mehandipur balaji temple (Dausa)


Mehandipur Balaji Temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who is a symbol of courage in Hindu mythology and is located 3km off the Agra Jaipur Highway and approximately 100km from Jaipur. The temple priests carry out exorcisms on Tuesdays and Saturdays and lots of people bring their friends and relatives to relieve them of evil spirits. It is believed that the deity in this temple has divine power to cure a person possessed with evil spirit.Hundreds of 'Sankatwalas', as the possessed people are refereed to in local lingo, throng to the temple everyday to offer prayers and have 'darshan'. The temple has also become a home and the last respite for the victims.The 'Mahant' of the temple, Shri Kishor Puri Ji, prescribes the treatment. It can include reading holy texts, following a strict vegetarian and simple diet, and even afflicts physical pain to one's body. However while the exorcism is being performed only the priests and the possessed are allowed inside and the scenes can be disturbing for many people. The possessed scream, shout, dance, talk to themselves, shake their heads vigorously, bang their heads on the wall or floor while the priests chant mantras.    To reach Balaji temple one has to take a bus from Agra or Jaipur and ask the driver to stop at the Balaji Temple crossing. The temple is situated halfway between Agra and Delhi
Starting from : Rs. 7200.0