Yaganti Shiva Temple


Sri Yagatiswamy Temple in Banaganapalle mandal of Kurnool district is a popular lord Shiva Temple. Which is located 17 km away from Banagapalle the mandal head quarter on the Banaganapalle-Peapully road and 74 km away from the Kurnool. Every year, Shivarathri is celebrated here and a large number of devotees from all over Andhra Pradesh visit Sri Yagantiswamy Temple. This temple was constructed by the first Vijayanagara Kings Harihara & Bukka Rayalu in 15th century according to Vaishnavaite tradition. An amazing feature of this temple is its Pushkarini with very pure water. No one knows how the water flows in & out of Pushkarini in all the seasons. Devotees consider that a bath in the holy Pushkarini before visiting Shiva is highly beneficial. It is proved that the Nandi idol in front of the temple is continuously increasing its size, at the rate of 1 inch per 20 years. According to history, 'crows' do not fly near temple premises. As per legend, when Agastya was praying here, crows disturbed him from his meditation so, he blight the crows not to enter the premises. 
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