Thousand Pillar Temple


Thousand Pillar Temple is located 2km from Warangal, as the name suggests, has no less than thousand pillars. To be found near the Warangal-Hanumakonda Highway. This temple is a fine specimen of Kakatiya architecture and sculpture. This temple was built by the Kakatiya ruler, Rudradeva, in 1163 AD in the style of Chalukyan temples, star shaped and triple shrined.The 3 shrines are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Surya. The temple is famous for its richly carved pillars, screens and detailed sculpture. The black basalt Nandi, a monolith, has a lovely polished finish. Thousand Pillared Temple is another place you should not miss on your visit to Warangal. The temple present marvel to the visitors. It has beautifully carved thousand pillars and is built in the star like structure. A mandapam with the structure of an amazing 6 foot Nandi is placed at the entrance of the temple. The temple has impressively carved doorways, ceilings with rich inscriptions and pillars. Many small lingams are placed in the premises of the temple. The background of the Hanumakonda hills is eye catching. This is a worth place to visit.
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