Parwanoo is a small Himachali town with no great height . All this changes though as you take the Timber Trail trolley, which takes you up by about 2000 ft. in 8 minutes flat. As you come out of the Timber Trail trolley after completing your climb you find an immediate change in the weather as you step out into the resort. The advantage is of staying at a greater altitude without having to drive in the hill through those serpentine roads. Timer Trail at Parwanoo is a unique concept and experience, which was the first in India when introduced. Timbertrail has a resort both at the base and at the height. It is a great experience traveling on the trolley which slowly takes you to the resort at Heights moving over the valley between two mountains, it is both exciting and sometimes scary for the faint hearted.
Starting from : Rs. 2600.0

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