Govindaraja Swami


Sri Govindaraja Swami is considered to be the elder brother of Lord Balaji and His temple is one among the most important temples in Tirupati.  Govindaraja Swami temple has an imposing gopuram that can be visible even from a distance. The Lord is found with His consorts Rukmini and Satyabhama. The architecture of the temple is one of its kind and is marvellously constructed. The entrance of the temple has a magnificent seven-storey Gopuram built in 1628 that can be seen even from a distance. To the left of the main Gopuram, is a temple dedicated to Goddess Laxmi who is seated on a lotus. There is also a shrine dedicated to Vedanta Desika, who was a great poet, devotee and philosopher and second great writer of Sri Vaishnava.
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