Folk Lore Museum


The Folklore Museum of Jaisalmer is situated on the bank of the Gadsisar Lake and features a wide collection of souvenirs and artefacts of bygone years. The royal history of Jaisalmer is on display in this museum, which houses rare ornaments, portraits and historical collections. This museum was founded by N K Sharma in 1984.   N K Sharma is a collector of old paintings, coins, articles and manuscripts. The museum which was founded by him is divided into six different sections, namely camel ornaments, jewellery, fossils, horse ornaments, photographs and historical costumes. It also features various kinds of puppets and other traditional items.   Tourists can watch a video in the museum, which shows musicians playing royal instruments. This video also includes the detailing of several other traditional artistic skills in French, English and Hindi. In addition, the video shows the tragic love story of King Mahendra and Princess Moomal.
Starting from : Rs. 12700.0