Alampur is located in Mahabubnagar District and it is home to the very ancient Navabhramma temples dating back to the 7th century CE. Alampur is located at a distance of 200 km from Hyderabad. Alampur is considered to be the western gateway of Sree Sailam, the revered Jyotirlinga Shivastalam in Telangana. The southern, eastern, and northern gateways are Siddhavattam,Tripurantakam and Umamaheswaram respectively. The Tungabhadra and Krishna are in confluence near Alampur, which is also known as Dakshina Kailasam (as is Sree Kalahasti in Southern AndhraPradesh).  Nine temples here referred to as the Nava Bhramma temples are dedicated to Shiva.
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