Ajmer Dargah


Historically, Ajmer has a strategic importance as Gazani Mohammed invaded the city many times from Afghanistan. Later, it becomes a favorite residence of the Moghuls. It is an important place for Muslim Pilgrims. The Dargah is the tomb of Sufi Saint -Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, who came to Ajmer from Persia in the year 1192. The Dargah was completed by Moghul Emperor Humayun. The main gate to the shrine is the Nizam Gate, followed by Shahjahani Gate, which was erected by emperor, Shah Jahan. The annual Urs festival commemorates the death anniversary during the first six days of the Rajab. In honour of the saint during the Urs, Qawwali concerts are held reciting Chishti's own works. At the time of festival, a large number of devotees are attracted to the shrine.
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