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Weekend Getaways

Escape every weekend.Click on any below given location to know all the possible weekend getaways from that place. Oh Yeah! Package, price, provider too!

Places to visit

Unable to decide on any place? Just click on any below given place and you get all the gyaan to help you decide on your next holiday destination! Tour options, related packages and much more!

About Us

Our Beginning : When we set out to travel, we had to do lot of research. Visit each and every website, find out all the info regarding prices, places, compare all providers, oh! We felt exhausted. Out of our need was born biroad and extended to yours! With genuine efforts and professional approach, we venture to give you a smooth ride and reach!

Our Intention: Want to travel by road? But not sure on place /price / service provider? Welcome to biroad! We present you packages and providers, prices and places to help you in your decision making. You save your time and resources which can instead be spent on having a great vacation!

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